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Check Your Route
Please check the course you will be running - do not change your distance at any time.

There will be signs but you need to be sure on your first run otherwise your times will be affected if you take the wrong turn.

You can check the various maps below
City Parking
Karrawirra Park South start - Free Parking is available in the Torrens Parade Ground opposite the start during the following hours only:

6am to 8am (out by 8.30am)

11.30am to 1.30pm (out by 2pm)       4pm to 6.30pm (out by 7pm)

Please park in the areas only designated to the Corporate Cup as we share the grounds with others.

Street parking is free to 8am only.
City - Jolley’s Toilets off Victoria Drive
Next Generation - with ID race card.
No showers available.

South - Toilets available in the Surf Life Saving Centre. No showers available.

North - Mawson Lakes shopping centre.
What to do with your Timing Card
Secure your card to your shirt with safety pins. Do not put it in a holder with your work ID card as It may not be detected on the scanner.

If you lose your forget your card, there are limited temporary cards available at the admin tent.
How to Start
Proceed to the start Line walking at least 1 metre behind the person in front of you. 

Listen for the 'beep' sound as you proceed through.
How to Finish
Proceed to the finish line and just walk/run through. 

Listen for a beep if you don’t hear this wave your card to make sure it registers.

Check your time on the screen in the Brooks tent to make sure you are listed.
Failure to Scan
Keep an eye on the clock or your
as you start and finish purely as a backup if power fails the timing system. Go to the Admin tent and report your time.

Note - We will always regard the time recorded on the timing system as your run time.
What if you can't start on the day
Please do not run with some else’s card. This does not reflect their true time and does not help them in future runs. It is simply cheating and not helping.

They can miss runs as long as the team has five participants. Teams are not disqualified if they have less runners - scores could reflect a good run with only 4 runners in some cases.

If you are unable to start on day one this does not matter because your base time will be set when you do your first run.
Gaining Points
Run 1
Establishes each person’s base time performance or handicap time.

Run 2 to 7
Points are scored by adding the 5 best individual scores in each run. The 5 highest team points from runs 2 - 7 determine your final score.  

Run 8
Is a Fun Run on Presentation Day and is timed for the fastest runners.

Fastest Runners
You must run 6 out of 7 runs to qualify for the fastest categories.
Individual Points
Individual points are awarded on a scale of 0 – 40 depending on your improvement over your previous best performance eg.

No Run -
0 points

Every Run - 
5 points

Incomplete Run - 
5 points (DNF - Did Not Finish)

Completed Run (no improvement)
5 to 10 points

Significant Improvement - 
11 to 30 points

Dramatic Improvement - 
31 to 40 points (capped)

See Results and Scoring for more.

The best results for each participant is for you to start at a reasonable rate - not deliberately slow. If you improve too much because you ambled around the course the first time your scores will reflect your performance. Please do not ask for the formula or how the scoring is done.

If your improvement is too dramatic you will lose points as the scale will go beyond 40 points - it will peak and come tumbling down to a lesser result.   

Just be honest with your effort - it is the end fitness result that is the winner!
Sports Trainers will be on hand at the Start/finish of each area during the busiest times morning, lunchtime and after work. 

As you can appreciate we cannot cover the whole course so watch out for your fellow participants. If you have a mobile don’t hesitate to call 0417237902 or an ambulance if the person is in difficulty. Please report all incidents to the organisers.
Water is available at the Start/Finish areas and at the University Bridge northern side.

Nippy’s Juice will be available at the Start /Finish areas only.
Health Recommendation and Safety
Ensure you are fit to participate and seek medical advice if you are unsure.

Make sure you are well hydrated prior to and during the event.

Be aware you are a pedestrian on a public pathway - please respect others on that pathway.
Dogs are Allowed
Must be kept on a leash - water is available. You must take responsibility for your pet.

City Start/Finish Maps
(click for larger version)

Karrawirra Park South

Opposite Parade Ground off Victoria Drive.

Pinky Flat

Opposite Next Generation off War Memorial Drive.

Western Parking Map
(click for larger version)

NEW Karrawirra Times
City (Karrawirra Park South)
6am to 6pm (last start)

NEW Pinky Flat Times
City (Pinky Flat)
11.30am to 1.30pm (last start)

NEW Region Times
6.30am (light permitting) to 1.30pm (last start)
6.30am (light permitting) to 1.30pm (last start)
6.30am (light permitting) to 1.30pm (last start)

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